Minimally Invasive Techniques: Lumbar Laminotomy/Discectomy

Lumbar Laminotomy/Discectomy in Frisco TX is about opening the bony canals that allow passage to the nerves and create space for their free movement. Chronic pain in your muscles, numbness, and weakness is due to stenosis or narrowing of the nerve root canals. Back pain solutions Frisco, such as lumbar laminotomy or discectomy, is best for treating this problem when medications and physical therapy have failed.

What Is Lumbar Laminotomy/Discectomy In Frisco TX?

Thickened ligaments, bone spurs, enlarged joints, arthritis, and bulging disc are the most common causes of spinal stenosis. Our surgeons perform spinal decompression surgery anywhere in the spine. It is either cervical (from the neck) or lumbar laminotomy (from the lower back), and the surgeon makes a small incision in the back muscles. In general, the lamina bone forms the back structure of the spinal canal and the upper part of the spinal cord. The surgery involves the removal of the thickened ligament and the lamina to create more space for the nerves. It allows the surgeon to remove the bone spurs or osteophytes. Depending on your stenosis condition, the surgery may involve single-level (one vertebra) or multi-level (two or more vertebrae). In some situations, our surgeons will perform the spinal fusion to stabilize the spinal sections treated with Laminotomy. The procedure includes fusion that involves a combination of bone graft material, rods, and screws to fuse two vertebrae into a single, solid bone. Fusing the joint also prevents the recurrence of spinal stenosis and treat pain from an unstable spine. You are a suitable candidate for the Laminotomy procedure if you have pain, numbness, or weakness in your leg or foot. The procedure is beneficial for patients who suffer from severe leg pain and back pain. You may also undergo the process when your symptoms have not been improving with medication or physical therapy. If you have difficulty standing or walking, which affects the quality of life, our surgeons will perform the laminotomy procedure. Likewise, if your myelogram, CT, and MRI tests show stenosis in the lateral or central canal, then you should undergo the surgical procedure.

How Is Lumbar Laminotomy/Discectomy In Frisco TX Performed?

There are a few steps involved in the laminotomy or discectomy surgery, which is one of the best back pain solutions in Frisco . Let us tell you how our qualified and professional surgeons perform this minimally invasive surgery. Continue reading!

Step 1:

The first step of the procedure involves preparing the patient. Our surgeon and his or her team will make the patient lie on his back on the operative table under anesthesia. Once the patient is asleep, the assistants will roll the patient over his stomach with his chest and sides supported by comfortable pillows. Then, under the guidance of the surgeon, the nursing staff prepares and cleanses the area for the incision. If the patient has decided to use his own bone, we will prepare the hip area to obtain the bone graft. The hip incision is not mandatory if the patient has decided to use a bone graft obtained from the donor.

Step 2:

The second step of Lumbar Laminotomy/Discectomy in Frisco TX is making a small incision. Our surgeon will make a skin incision in the middle of your back right above the concerned vertebrae. The size of the incision mainly depends on the number of laminotomies.

Step 3:

If the surgeon wants to remove the protective bony lamina, he or she will perform Laminotomy. It involves a small opening of the lamina on the spinal nerve to relieve compression. We will either perform the process of Laminotomy on unilateral (one side) or bilateral (both sides) and on multiple levels of vertebrae.

Step 4:

In the fourth step, our surgeons will decompress the spinal cord. Once the surgeon removes the lamina and the ligament flavum, it will exposure the dura meter, which is the protective covering of the patient’s spinal cord. We then gently retract the spinal cord’s protective sac and nerve root to remove thickened ligament and bone spurs.

Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery Of Texas

Our surgeons at the Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery of Texas can perform the minimally invasive surgical procedure accurately. We have qualified and licensed health professionals with many years of experience. We have performed dozens of surgeries to date with a 100% success rate. Laminotomy is a highly effective treatment in relieving back pain and leg pain. The procedure improves walking and standing ability as well as enhance the quality of life. Lumbar laminotomy/discectomy in Frisco TX is a minimally invasive procedure that results in shorter hospital stay, less blood loss, and less postoperative pain than open laminotomy.

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