Minimally Invasive Techniques: Lumbar Foraminotomy/Lateral Discectomy

Lumbar Foraminotomy/Lateral Discectomy in Frisco TX is one of the spine problems treatment. It is a minimally invasive surgery procedure, which enlarges the bony area in the spinal column. The purpose of Lumbar Foraminotomy can solve many problems, including pressure on your compressed nerves.

Spine Problems Treatment

The spinal column consists of vertebrae, which is a chain of bones. The intervertebral disc in the spinal column is above and below each vertebra. It is a flat portion and provides support to the vertebrae of the spinal column. The spinal column protects the spinal cord from injuries and infections. The spinal cord is an integral part of the nervous system that sends sensory information from your body to the brain. Also, your spinal cord sends instructions or messages from your brain to different organs and tissues of the body. The spinal cord spreads out nerves in your body, and they perform the function of sending and receiving information. Nevers exit your spinal column through the intervertebral foramen, which is a small hole that lies between your spinal vertebrae. When this small opening becomes small, they cause nerve compression, which leads to pain and tingling in your arms and legs. The occurrence of symptoms depends on the compressed nerve location along your spinal column. For instance, a compressed nerve in your neck can cause neck pain as well as tingling and weakness in your arm and hand. During Lumbar Foraminotomy/Lateral Discectomy in Frisco TX, our surgeon makes an incision in your neck or back to reach the affected vertebra. Then, the surgeon widens the intervertebral foramen (a small opening) to remove the blockages.

Benefits Of Lumbar Foraminotomy/Lateral Discectomy In Frisco TX

Blockages narrowing your spinal column lead to a condition called spinal stenosis. A blocked intervertebral foramen also causes the situation. There are various reasons behind the blocking of the intervertebral foramen, such as congenital problems, Paget disease, tumors, cysts, spondylolisthesis, etc. The compression of the nerve that leaves your spinal cord is due to the enlargement of the nearby ligaments. Nerve compression is also due to the degenerative intervertebral discs that cause bulging into the foramen. Our surgeons believe that it is also due to bony spurs as a result of spondylosis or degenerative spinal arthritis. The never compression usually happens with any part of the spinal column, which can cause painful symptoms in the affected area. Other symptoms include tingling sensations and weakness in the affected limb. Our surgeon recommends Lumbar Foraminotomy/Lateral Discectomy in Frisco TX if all conservative treatments have failed. These treatments include epidural injection, pain medications, and physical therapy. Here, at the Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery of Texas, our surgeons will perform the procedure to relieve the painful symptoms. Some patients may need the surgery on an emergency basis if your symptoms are severe. The operation is also useful when it comes to treating problems in the bladder due to the nerve.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

Before we perform the surgery procedure, we will explain the detail of the surgery. We have a team of neurosurgeons, health professionals, and specialized nurses that work together to operate. The procedure takes a few hours to complete. During the surgery process, the patient lies on his or her stomach. The surgeon gives general anesthesia to perform the surgery accurately. We make sure the patients do not feel any discomfort or pain during the procedure. Our team also monitors the patient’s vital signs carefully, which include blood pressure, heart rate, and others. Our surgeon makes a small incision on the side of your spine to reach the affected vertebrae. We use special devices and X-rays to guide the surgery. Then, we push the spine muscles to expose the intervertebral foramen that has blockage problems. The surgeon uses small tools designed to remove the blockage inside the area of concern. The blockage can be a bulging disc or bone spur. We remove them to relieve pressure on the nerves. In some situations, our surgeon can perform another surgery procedure, such as a laminectomy. The process involves the removal of a part of the vertebrae. Likewise, the surgeon and nurses will remove the instruments and put the muscles back in place. The incision is closed, and other necessary protocols are followed to get the procedure done.


At the Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery of Texas, we have an experienced team of neurosurgeons with exceptional skills to perform Spine problems treatment. One of the best treatments, Lumbar Foraminotomy/Lateral Discectomy in Frisco TX, is required when other treatments have failed. Contact us today!

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